Hypixel Discord Bot

Discord bot built to display your Hypixel stats.

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Why is it so great?

Hypixel Bot was developed to fulfil your needs to display stats & information needed within seconds.

Hypixel Stats

Shows a player's in-game stats in every supported game and compare them against each other in the supported games.

Synced Ranks

When someone joins a server or uses a command, they'll be given the rank they have on the Hypixel Network.

Account Linking

Linking your Minecraft account with Discord allows the usage of commands without specifying a user, as well as allowing other users to mention you instead of using the username.


The following commands are some of which can be used.


Command Description Usage
h!hypixel View a Hypixel player information such as Guild information, network exp and more. h!hypixel [Minecraft username / UUID / Discord mention]
h!h bedwars View a Bedwars player information such as Star level, total kills and more. h!h bedwars [Minecraft username / UUID / Discord mention]
h!h [game] Shows whichever player information has been requested. h!h [game] [user]
h!guild Displays the guild members and available information. h!guild [guild] [user]
h!session Shows the players in the same session including friends. h!session [user]
h!verify Syncs your discord account with your minecraft account. h!verify [username]

Work In Progress

Command Description Usage


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